Recast was born with an intention of endowing the world with products that offer clear and visible results. Our multifunctional approach speculates all the possible reasons of the condition and provides a one product solution.
In order to safeguard the quality, safety and efficacy of our products we singled out ourselves and developed our own in-house Research and Development labs and a GMP complied Manufacturing Unit. Our team of scientists, dermatologists and cosmetic engineers work together as a team to develop and optimize a formulation.
All the formulations undergo a through quality check based on a fixed protocol before they enter the market, ensuring our products are exclusive, safe and result oriented.
Recast deserves the hallmark of trust for being the trademark owned by Finn Cosmeceuticals, a market leader and having over a decade of experience in manufacturing derma cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, personal care products and high-end peels
Recast being halal, paraben & phthalate free, harsh chemical & synthetic fragrances free and free from cruelty one can be rest assured of having the mildest yet efficient product in hand.