This exfoliating and brightening lip peel exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells on or around lips giving it a fuller, brighter and healthier look.

Recommend for use in:

  • Dark lips
  • Dull and Dehydrated lips
  • Smokers lips
  • Thin lips

Mandelic Acid
Mandelic acid gently exfoliates the lips, removing dead skin cells and promoting a smoother texture.
It can help lighten dark spots or discoloration on the lips, leading to a more even and brighter appearance. It may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.
It contributes to overall lip softness by promoting hydration and enhancing the skin’s moisture-retaining capabilities

Mixed Fruit Acids
Mixed fruit acids for lips provide gentle exfoliation, hydration, and brightening. Packed with antioxidants, these acids nourish and protect, promoting smoother, healthier lips naturally.

Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid
Glycolic and lactic acids for lips offer dual benefits, gently exfoliating to reveal smoother, softer lips. Glycolic acid enhances skin renewal, while lactic acid hydrates and brightens, promoting a healthy, youthful appearance.

Daicetyl Boldine , Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin:
Diacetyl Boldine, Alpha Arbutin, and Kojic Acid synergize for comprehensive lip care. Diacetyl Boldine provides natural brightening, Alpha Arbutin targets dark spots, while Kojic Acid contributes to skin lightening. Together, they offer a potent solution for promoting an even, radiant tone and addressing pigmentation concerns on the lips.

  • Apply a thin layer on the peel on the lips and leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • It can be rinsed off with water post 30 minutes or can be left for a longer time too
  • Apply 2-3 times in a week.

Sun Protection:
Always wear a minimum of SPF 15 during the day to protect your skin.


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